CAPSL: Kickstarter Video

For interaction designers, videos can help to capture user research, sketch out proposed user experience in order to seek buy-in, pitch concepts, and summarize design work. Understanding how to quickly produce an appealing video - including scripting, shooting, and editing - has become as important as knowing how to interview, synthesize, and wireframe. 

For this project, we created a 2-minute Kickstarter video that communicated the possibility of an Internet of Things technology. 

Our product: CAPSL

Summary: CAPSL uses scale technology to detect the weight of each individual pill in your medicine bottle to keep track of whether or not you have taken your required medication. You place CAPSL on to the lid and will detect the weight of each individual pill when you flip the container so that it is resting on the surface. CAPSL will light green when it is time for you to take your medication and after 30 minutes, you will receive a notification if you still have not taken your medicine. On the other hand, CAPSL will turn red if you forgot that you already took your medication. 


Click HERE for our final process pdf book. These are the steps for our design process:

1. Select potential target users of the tech and conducted background research. (those who use medication)
2. Generate sketch scenarios on the activity the technology will support. 
3. Generate a script that pitches the product as desired by a target set of users and explain the underlying technology that people should invest in. 
4. Record audio and shoot narrator.
5. Shoot example user interactions with product/service.
6. Shoot b-role to cover narrator/interview.
7. Produce a rough cut of footage and audio.
8. Refine all steps into the final video. 


Learning objectives:
1. Learn to work with video as a design/communication material
2. Practice ideation of possible solutions
3. Practice thinking in action
4. Learn to communicate design ideas as narrative